Starting your own business doesn’t have to be a forever endeavor

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How many of us dream of making six figures by the time we’re 30?

That was my dream. Did I do it? No — it took me until I was 34.

I temporarily left the workforce right before my 30th birthday. Four years after stepping out of a mediocre salaried marketing job, I had hustled my way to a Director-level position at a Fortune 500 company and hit my six-figure goal.

How did I do it? I started and ended a consulting business; here’s how it all played out and my advice to would-be entrepreneurs.

I wasn’t even on a…

A work-from-home office romance, wherein we pivoted our parental authority to resemble the servant leadership of a scrum facilitator

A woman writing on a white board.
A woman writing on a white board.
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I often tell people my employer saved my marriage. Mostly I’m kidding; partially, there is truth to it.

You see, my husband and I share the same employer. We now share the exact same work-from-home office location, so we have become work spouses, as well.

Sharing a living space, home office, and homeschool “classroom” for our two elementary-aged kids created tension… and sadly, not the sexual tension described by Kim Elsesser, the author of Sex and the Office, in this . Yet another sacrifice of the pandemic — office flirtations.

Any way you slice it, our real-life and…

Break through fear to share your stories.

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It’s not like I leaked a sex tape!” Now I was pissed.

“But, why do YOU need to write about this stuff?” My brother said about a week after I started getting a lot of attention for a controversial (his words, not mine) article I published online.

Because if I don’t, who else will?”

Sex, money, spirituality, and the bad decisions we make while intoxicated.

If this is the answer, then the Jeopardy question would be: What are the things that aren’t dinner table appropriate but are perfect writing topics?

The truth is these topics don’t get much air-time (thanks…

Why my family started creating holidays and how you can, too

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When did every day become National “Something” Day? Has anyone else noticed that every time you log into your social media pages we’re celebrating another national whatever?

I can’t keep track of when I’m supposed to celebrate pets, kids, food, women, parents, spouse, and/or employees.

I usually figure it out when all my friends are posting pictures with similar themes. Then I immediately search my Google Photos account to see if I have a pic with whatever I’m supposed to be posting.

I thought only Hallmark made-up holidays?

A stroll through the greeting card section in my hometown during October…

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3 Unassignments to write about nothing (and anything)

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“What a random thing to write about?” I thought to myself.

For some reason, I couldn’t get it out of my head that this (of all things) is what she chose to share with her classmates.

I wondered why she wasn’t embarrassed to share this story? Didn’t this make her seem…unkempt?

My daughter brought home her writing workshop assignments from first grade.

As I paged through the stapled together pages crammed into her take-home folder, I filled up with anticipation, wondering if a passion for writing had made its way through her genealogy.

Perhaps I’d find a prodigy? An old…

A spring cleaning for mind and body

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My life, my thoughts, my house — all felt messy.

When I get that claustrophobic feeling that my life is too full of clutter, it’s a tell-tale sign that I’ve entered a funk.

Being stuck in a funk is different than being depressed. Behavioral therapist, Amy Brodsky, identifies the differences between feeling funky and clinical depression in an interview for from the Cleveland Clinic.

“Going through a funk or rut is extremely common,” assures Brodsky. “It happens to everyone now and again, and there are no hard or fast rules to getting through it. Everyone is different, so…

Personal Stories

I was hungover, sleep-deprived, and completely numb

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I wrapped it around my finger like a ring symbolizing a commitment to which I had just bound myself: If she makes it out of this alive, I want a better relationship with my mother.

My mother was lying on her hospital bed, prepped for surgery. She couldn’t speak to me because tubes snaked their way down her throat. Her gaze met mine with tears in her eyes.

I was hungover and sleep-deprived. And afraid.

I walked closer to squeeze her hand, ashamed of myself for choosing to party the night before, even after receiving the urgent phone call from…

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