Starting your own business doesn’t have to be a forever endeavor

How many of us dream of making six figures by the time we’re 30?

That was my dream. Did I do it? No — it took me until I was 34.

I temporarily left the workforce right before my 30th birthday. Four years after stepping out of a mediocre salaried marketing job, I had hustled my way to a Director-level position at a Fortune 500 company and hit my six-figure goal.

How did I do it? I started and ended a consulting business; here’s how it all played out and my advice to would-be entrepreneurs.

I wasn’t even on a…

A work-from-home office romance, wherein we pivoted our parental authority to resemble the servant leadership of a scrum facilitator

A woman writing on a white board.
A woman writing on a white board.

I often tell people my employer saved my marriage. Mostly I’m kidding; partially, there is truth to it.

You see, my husband and I share the same employer. We now share the exact same work-from-home office location, so we have become work spouses, as well.

Sharing a living space, home office, and homeschool “classroom” for our two elementary-aged kids created tension… and sadly, not the sexual tension described by Kim Elsesser, the author of Sex and the Office, in this article on Forbes. Yet another sacrifice of the pandemic — office flirtations.

Any way you slice it, our real-life and…

Overcoming growing pains on your self-improvement journey

This is a story about the yucky stuff.

The things people don’t talk about when you hear phrases like, “good vibes only.” What I’ve learned over the last year is that to let only the good vibes in, you have to let a lot of other stuff go.

When I started working on personal growth, I felt broken and alone. I didn’t realize that so many other people think this way, too. I went looking for others that could relate to these growing pains.

I wondered:

  • Where are all the stories with the gory details about the pain, loss, and…

It’s not why you might think

“I liked your body better with curves.” My husband confessed.

I had just asked him the dreaded question: “Do you like the way I look?”

I had recently shed about 15 pounds and was fitting into size zero pants. I had also lost a few cup sizes in my bra.

But, I was feeling myself. My abs were finally showing, my typically thick thighs looked sexy, but the boobs — they had taken a toll. …

Super simple advice to keep your peace when you get triggered.

There are only four types of people in the world, according to the ancient philosopher, Patanjali. And he offered the keys to managing your reactions to them, so they don’t disturb your fucking peace.

The four types of people are:

  1. Happy People
  2. Unhappy People
  3. Virtuous People
  4. Wicked People

Now, let’s break this shit down from both an ancient philosophy and a modern-day perspective.

Ancient Texts For the Win

During my 200-hour yoga teacher certification, I had the opportunity to study the Yoga Sutras, an ancient text derived from the teachings of Patanjali. Among other wisdom, the Sutras outline how to maintain a peaceful mind.


Let’s go easy on the princesses

“Mom, did you know there’s always a problem in these movies?” My seven-year-old said to me while scrolling through the Disney Plus app looking for a movie to watch on a Friday night.

“Yes.” Of course, I know there’s a problem.

There’s a problem with the way we show women as damsels in distress. There’s the problem that only “true love” will save them from their misery. There’s the problem that the girls are usually underage and yet falling in love with grown men.

But what problem does my daughter see?

Disney Princesses Are Trying to Figure Their Shit Out Just Like Us

Princess movies are my guilty pleasure. I was in…

Understanding and forgiving life-long pain

I am about to meet my secret brother.

Holy sh*t.

Never in a million years did I think I’d ever say those words: “secret brother.”

That’s for Disney Princesses or Lifetime movies. Not suburban upper-middle-class families.

That was six months ago.

I recently sat down to re-read my journal entry from that cool autumn October afternoon. I had hurriedly jotted down a set of manic thoughts racing through my brain 15 minutes before I would meet my long-lost brother for the first time.

Why did it take me four decades to find out I had a third brother?

Perhaps it…

Break through fear to share your stories.

It’s not like I leaked a sex tape!” Now I was pissed.

“But, why do YOU need to write about this stuff?” My brother said about a week after I started getting a lot of attention for a controversial (his words, not mine) article I published online.

Because if I don’t, who else will?”

Sex, money, spirituality, and the bad decisions we make while intoxicated.

If this is the answer, then the Jeopardy question would be: What are the things that aren’t dinner table appropriate but are perfect writing topics?

The truth is these topics don’t get much air-time (thanks…

Why my family started creating holidays and how you can, too

When did every day become National “Something” Day? Has anyone else noticed that every time you log into your social media pages we’re celebrating another national whatever?

I can’t keep track of when I’m supposed to celebrate pets, kids, food, women, parents, spouse, and/or employees.

I usually figure it out when all my friends are posting pictures with similar themes. Then I immediately search my Google Photos account to see if I have a pic with whatever I’m supposed to be posting.

I thought only Hallmark made-up holidays?

A stroll through the greeting card section in my hometown during October…

Kristina Jancar

Fortune 100 Leader. Mama. Storyteller. Poet. Yoga Teacher. I feel my feelings—and I write about: Life | Self | Growth | Mindfulness | Relationships | Family ✨

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