How I became dessert curious (and I’m not mad about it)

Photo contributed by author. Author is pictured after 60 days alcohol-free (but eating all the ice cream).

Cutting alcohol out of my life was surprisingly easy. It started with a 30-day Dry June challenge, followed by a public declaration of identifying as sober curious.

In this article on VeryWellMind, Sara Sheppard says being sober curious is the option to choose, question, or change your drinking habits for health-focused reasons.

It’s not hard to see the immediate benefits of waking up without a hangover, being productive all day every damn day, and having the energy to work a day job and two side hustles.

But there is something I never anticipated to be the biggest struggle of being…

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be a forever endeavor

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

How many of us dream of making six figures by the time we’re 30?

That was my dream. Did I do it? No — it took me until I was 34.

I temporarily left the workforce right before my 30th birthday. Four years after stepping out of a mediocre salaried marketing job, I had hustled my way to a Director-level position at a Fortune 500 company and hit my six-figure goal.

How did I do it? I started and ended a consulting business; here’s how it all played out and my advice to would-be entrepreneurs.

I wasn’t even on a…

Recognizing and releasing an attachment-based lifestyle

Photo submitted by author. Author’s handbag is featured.

“Mom wishes she was a millionaire.” I overheard my son talking smack to my daughter in the car the other day.

I didn’t interrupt or correct him to say, “Um, buddy, Mom’s been a millionaire for a while now.”

Because I don’t talk about money with my kids. And, I certainly don’t talk about money with my friends or family. Apparently, it’s only for strangers on the internet that I will discuss accumulated wealth.

The topic of money wasn’t something I initiated in this car ride. …

What are you intended to do in this life?

Photo submitted by author. Author is featured.

I walked away from my marriage and a net worth of over a million dollars to fulfill my life’s purpose.

That is: to heal. Bottom line, that’s it.

Maybe my soul has reincarnated the pain of previous lives? I don’t know. But, I most definitely have been processing the pain of the life I left behind.

I share this as a cautionary tale to those headed down the dark, shadowy path of attachment, achievement, and accumulation.

Be careful; you might just get what you want.

The Life I Walked Away From

My reality was so distorted that I would often look at pictures of myself and…

I accidentally normalized inappropriate behavior.

Photo by Tallie Robinson on Unsplash

“Something you said just didn’t sit right with me.” The hostess of my retreat said over the phone after our five-day-long magical getaway in the woods of Ohio. “Do you feel like you need to take further action on what happened?” She asked.

The incident she’s referring to was my confession that one of my fellow travelers — a woman — leaned in for a kiss while we were sitting in the hot tub on the first night of the retreat.

I’ll be honest; this is not my first rodeo. Men, women, you name it — I’m used to unsolicited…

Why I’ll Never Feel Like Me Again.

Photo by Rodolfo Marques on Unsplash

I’m about to be SINGLE and FORTY. That statement sounds like the title of a B-list rom-com. Something tear-inducing and gut-wrenching.

Hasn’t it been like that, though? And don’t forget scary AF. Being alone at 39 and three-quarters (but who’s counting?) is a tough pill to swallow.

I don’t care how well I’ve been aging; I’m afraid to be on the market again. How does dating even work? I haven’t had to worry about that since I was 22.

It feels like there’s a rule book I don’t know about. Can somebody help a sister out? Do we play hard…

And my DMs are blowing up.

Author is featured. One of the last remaining thirst traps on her IG page: kj_myway

I’m going to be shamefully honest. I didn’t want to delete my Instagram pictures for a long time because I liked the way I looked.

I kept them on my profile because I wanted anyone “stopping by” (aka creeping) on my page to see the collection of images I had so carefully curated.

The perception of perfection used to be so important to me. Pictures had to be from my good side, from a downward angle, and preferably capturing an envy-worthy moment.

I told myself if I deleted the pics, it would be out of spite (and I’m not a…

Why yoga pants are truly restrictive — on the body and the community.

Author is featured with yoga class in the Hispanic community of Painesville, Ohio.

Glennon Doyle, an author and activist whom I highly respect, nailed it on Monday, August 30 when she, tweeted:

“Why is so much of women’s athleisure apparel skintight? Why would we need skintight clothes for athletics OR leisure? Who’s enjoyment are my clothes for? Why aren’t men’s athleisure clothes skintight? FFSake I’d maybe like to breath and eat while athlesisuring.”

At the time of this article, the tweet had around 6,400 likes and over 320 retweets.

Her follow-up correction tweet: “Sorry BREATHE. I can’t spell my pants are too tight” had over 3,000 likes.

What I love about Glennon, the…

Awakening to your shadow self to re-enter your authenticity

Photo by Craig Baker on Unsplash

I became a ninja.

I found ways to escape my perfect-on-paper prison by silently slipping away and attempting to re-enter Perfection-town undetected; which is no escape at all.

Creeping in and out of this double life became a far more emotional burden than confronting my deepest, darkest fear of walking away from it all.

They say only the truth will set you free. Well, it did. It also wiped out half of my net worth overnight.

This is a story about the price of freedom. …

How I accidentally became a damsel in distress — and I’m not mad about it.

Photo by Angélica Echeverry on Unsplash

“You are not cancelling. It’s bad karma to turn down a gift of wellness.”

This was the message that showed up on my phone after I had attempted to cancel my standing appointment for my biweekly self-care routine — a 90-minute massage with a man known as the muscle whisperer.

I didn’t want to cancel, but I’ve found myself in quite a predicament. Since the difficult decision to end my 15-year marriage, I’ve had to make some sacrifices.

Some are superficial and silly — like cancelling my weekly cleaning service at my home and dropping out of our local country…

Kristina Jancar

Fortune 100 Leader. Mama. Storyteller. Poet. Yoga Teacher. I feel my feelings—and I write about: Lifestyle | Health | Mindfulness | Self | Leadership✨

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