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The island mindset is something anyone can learn.

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The first word that comes to mind when I think back to the three summers I spent living on a remote island in my early 20s is freedom. I lived for the day, not for what I could get done on that day. Living on island time means letting go of schedule-driven obligations. Anyone who has ever lived or vacationed on an island can relate to that feeling of pure surrender.

There is no official dictionary definition for the phrase island time; however, most references agree this is a complimentary term — referring to time spent leisurely. …

A work-from-home office romance, wherein we pivoted our parental authority to resemble the servant leadership of a scrum facilitator

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I often tell people my employer saved my marriage. Mostly I’m kidding; partially, there is truth to it.

You see, my husband and I share the same employer. We now share the exact same work-from-home office location, so we have become work spouses, as well.

Sharing a living space, home office, and homeschool “classroom” for our two elementary-aged kids created tension… and sadly, not the sexual tension described by Kim Elsesser, the author of Sex and the Office, in this article on Forbes. Yet another sacrifice of the pandemic — office flirtations.

Any way you slice it, our real-life and…

Letting go of an image of perfection

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“There’s something about you that is drawn to this woman; you can’t seem to let her go.” My therapist said, regarding a woman I’ve had a toxic relationship with over the last year.

She’s everything I thought I should be. Sexy, confident, and carefree.

When I first met her, I couldn’t get her out of my head. I couldn’t believe she wanted to be friends with me. Our daughters were in daycare together, and she asked to set up a play date.

That was almost five years ago.

After that, we engaged in a co-dependent toxic relationship. I still can’t…

If your worries about the future are hindering your growth then these steps may help.

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The danger of being a good storyteller is that I can tell myself any story I want, and my brain will believe me.

Depending on my mood, that story might feed me with courage and strength, or it might convince me of an outcome that triggers a funk.

Do you feel me on this one?

How often do you project the events of the future based on your narrative alone? …

Can we please forgive each other and ourselves for our past?

chrissy teigen, I see you.

You fucked up. But you also said you’re sorry.

You owned your mistakes and apologized for being so trapped in your own suffering that you couldn’t see how destructive you were.

But now, you do.

I don’t condone what you did. But I am hard yes, for forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others.

I feel you, because I am you. We are all the same.

We are trapped in darkness, until something snaps us out of our false reality we’ve created to protect ourselves from feeling our pain.

Feel your feelings, Chrissy.

I was…

If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no

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Not every opportunity that knocks is a calling you should answer. This advice might seem counterintuitive as you start to grow your business.

When you work hard, take calculated risks, and are open to change, you will likely see any opportunities presenting themself to you as a sign that you’re manifesting the abundance you deserve.

You’re not. Sorry, I’m not sorry for hitting you with a truth bomb.

Pursuing every avenue that opens up is a sure way to spread yourself too thin. George McKeown, author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, offers the way of the essentialist is…

3 pro tips from someone who’s done it

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“Oh no, what’s broken?” I said when an IT Manager asked to speak with me.

I work in systems, and usually, when an IT manager wants to speak with me, something broke, or one of my direct reports needs some feedback.

“It’s not about work. Well, not really. It’s about my daughter. And your open position. It might be a long shot, but would you be willing to take a look at her resumé?” The manager asked in a hopeful tone.

“Ah! Yes, I’ll gladly take a look. But I’m not considering external candidates right now, but — would it…

Why We Feel Special When We’re Different

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My deepest truth is that I’ve always wanted to be special.

I know, I know — this reeks of narcissism. Trust me; I have Googled “Am I a Narcissist?” I have also shared my fear with my therapist that I display narcissistic tendencies.

It’s only recently, through my inner child work, that I questioned whether this desire was healthy. This article on Exploring Your Mind suggests that wanting to feel important is a healthy desire.

Let me be clear, though. The specialness I craved was to be different in some way. Essentially an “other,” somehow unique.

And then, one day…

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