How I became dessert curious (and I’m not mad about it)

Photo contributed by author. Author is pictured after 60 days alcohol-free (but eating all the ice cream).

Cutting alcohol out of my life was surprisingly easy. It started with a 30-day Dry June challenge, followed by a public declaration of identifying as sober curious.

In this article on VeryWellMind, Sara Sheppard says being sober curious is the option to choose, question, or change your drinking habits for…

Recognizing and releasing an attachment-based lifestyle

Photo submitted by author. Author’s handbag is featured.

“Mom wishes she was a millionaire.” I overheard my son talking smack to my daughter in the car the other day.

I didn’t interrupt or correct him to say, “Um, buddy, Mom’s been a millionaire for a while now.”

Because I don’t talk about money with my kids. And, I…

Even tough girls need help sometimes.

Photo submitted by author. One of author’s social media posts featured.

Three thousand dollars. That’s how much a shady plumber wanted to charge me to replace my water heater in a home I’ve lived in for less than two months.

He could smell my desperation. I had officially been without hot water for four days.

It turns out hot water isn’t…

How you can start taking yourself on the perfect date.

Photo submitted by author. Author is featured. Photo by Caitlin Mulhall

I spent the last two decades in captivity.

Okay, that’s a bit harsh. And it’s not even a slam to my ex-husband (who is a lovely person). It’s a knock on myself for being a prisoner of my own mind.

I was a slave to my narratives. The stories I…

If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to shut off your auto-pilot settings, then this is the article for you.

Photo submitted by author. Author is featured.

Disruption. That’s about the only way to describe the entire experience of moving out, establishing a new home, and attempting to settle into new schedules — that are constantly changing.

It’s like turning off your auto-pilot settings and learning how to do everything all over again.

Every time someone asks…

Psychology | Mental Health | Inner Child

I finally remembered my shadow self.

Photo submitted by author. Author is featured. Photo by Caitlin Mulhall.

Before I was emotionally numb, I was emotionally hyperreactive.

I can’t remember exactly when I started to feel BIG feelings, but I remember how overwhelming these emotions felt in my body — like I would literally explode if I couldn’t get them out.

So, I did.

I don’t remember much…

Kristina Jancar

Fortune 100 Leader. Mama. Storyteller. Poet. Yoga Teacher. I feel my feelings—and I write about: Lifestyle | Health | Mindfulness | Self | Leadership✨

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