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  • Em


    Editor of Enjoyable Sex and Hypocritical + artofenjoyablesex.substack.com

  • Edward Riley

    Edward Riley

    Lover of human sexuality, nature, reading (fantasy, horror, sci-fi), the written word & much more. INTJ. edwardsaudioadventures@gmail.com

  • Suzan Dalia

    Suzan Dalia

    She/Her | Self-Help Writer | Top Writer | www.buymeacoffee.com/suzandalia9 | Join Medium: medium.com/@suzandalia/membership

  • Jill Francis

    Jill Francis

    American immigrant in Italy with too many degrees in Psychology. I write about everything I’m afraid of. jillfranciswrites@gmail.com

  • Peter White

    Peter White

    Student of Life who is writing about what he learns.

  • Connected Sex he/she said

    Connected Sex he/she said

    Unfiltered sexual dialogue from his & her perspective. No topics are off-limits for this adventurous couple exploring the best sex of their lives after 40.

  • Esther Perel

    Esther Perel

    Psychologist Esther Perel is recognized as one of the world’s most original and insightful voices on couples and sexuality across cultures.

  • Kyra Bussanich

    Kyra Bussanich

    Entrepreneur, professional pastry chef, and author with an interest in psychology, relationships, simple pleasures, healing, and what connects us.

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